How To Look Menacing

To: The Bounty Hunters Guild — Greenhorns' Circle
Subject: Pro Tip — Do this, and they'll always run scared

Season 1 Episode 5

Air Date: November 13, 2017


"Today's bounty hunting tip: how to look menacing."

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"The face-less look. Personal favorite of yours truly, and generally adopted by a lot of bounty hunter. Guaranteed perfect poker face that unsettles your mark. Am I frowning? Smiling? Am I asleep? You don't know!"

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"Number two: Make sure you carry a lot of weapons. If you can build them into your armor, all the better. I'm not even sure what half of these doohickies do, but I bet can shoot you with pretty much any limb or joint on my body."

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"And always hold a gun, preferably always up like this. It can make eating a little difficult, which is why I prefer to order foods I can eat with one hand."

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"Number three: Always speak from the diaphragm. A lot of bounty hunters overlook this—especially the ones that don't have lungs."

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"Number four: Finally, only hang out with other people who look intimidating."

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