The Smuggler

To: BL-17
Subject: Scramble the following

Season 1 Episode 8

Air Date: December 24, 2017


"'Hey, Boba! Bet you can't wait to catch Solo.' 'Hey, Fett, that Solo's a slippery mynock, ain't he?' It's all I get. All the time."

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"Like chasing this nerf herder across the Outer Rim is my life's work or something. As if finally hauling him in is supposed to be my masterpiece -- my grand opus of bounty hunting."

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"Oh, and 17, next time you're on the Slave I, could you look at my ship's communications system? I keep getting all of these alerts about service updates, but I have no idea what it’s talking about."

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Transmissions from Slave I show another side of Boba Fett, sharing glimpses of what the galaxy's best bounty hunter sends his pals, clients, and enemies. The series happens between canon and legend moments that Star Wars fans know and love.

"No Disintegrations" is an original fan film series for the Boba Fett Fan Club

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